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Professional Looking Party Invitations That You Made

Party Invitations Done Like The Professionals
The invitation to your party or event will provide the first impression for your guests. You will want to impress your friends and family and make your celebration appear to be well organized. In order for this to happen it is suggested that your invitations have the same style and theme as the party itself. The invitation is meant to give a little teaser so that guests will be more inticed to attend your event.
The best time to send out invitations is four weeks before a smaller party, and eight weeks prior to a wedding or any other large event. You will also want to check your calendar so you are sure that your party or event is not during a holiday weekend or other big event that many of your friends and family may already be attending.
The standard way of wording your invitation makes it easy to read and be understood by most people. The standard way includes the following:
* Phrasing should in the third person format
* Punctuation shouldn't be used at the ends of lines, except for names and addresses which require them
* It is best to spell out names, addresses, etc, fully instead of using abbreviations. The exception is the use of Mr. And Mrs. These particular abbreviations are fine for an invitation.
* Days, dates, and times should also be spelled out completely.
* The correct way to address a husband and wife who are both doctors is, “The Doctors Last Name”.
* It is not acceptable to write “no children” or refer to gifts, or even no gifts, even if you don't expect them on any invitations.
Make sure that your invitations contain the following information:
* The name of the person(s) hosting the event
* The reason for the event
* The name of the guest of honor (if there is one)
* The day, date and time of the event
* Where the event is being held including the street address and city for out-of-towners

Start out by making a rough draft of your invitation, then get someone else to read over it so you can correct any mistakes that you didn't catch yourself. This is very important because having the wrong date or time on them can really mess things up. It is so much easier, and less embarrasing, to catch and fix mistakes before you send the invitations than calling everyone to clear up the error.

One thing that is really nice, is that you can have your invitations printed online. If you look around there are places that do it at a are very reasonable price. If you happen to have a good graphics program and printer, you can also do them yourself. If you will be having a smaller event, it is much easier to purchase a package of the pre-written invitations from a local store and simply write in the information on them.

Fun and informal invitations are appropriate for a small or informal event. If you are having a formal party or event such as a wedding, then you are best off to use professionally printed invitations.

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