Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Planning A Potluck Party With Ease.

The thought of having potluck party may bring back memories your grandma or the old ladies from church having a party. Nonetheless, with everyone being so busy having a potluck pary is convenient for all because no one person has to do most of the work themselves.

Most of your friends and family have the same job commitments that you do, school activities, work, grocery shopping, running errands, practices, games, or anything else the kids may be participating in. When you and your friends and family want to get together, relax and socialize, having a potluck party might is a great way to do so. A potluck party makes a get together easier to plan and allows the work divided between many guests.

In ordert o make your potluck party a success, you need to take the time to plan ahead so that there is a variety of food instead of a bunch of the same type of food. Some of your guests will know exactly what they want to bring while others may have no idea what to bring. If this is the case you can give them a category and let them choose something from there. Categories such as drinks, the main dish, dessert, or side dish will guarantee that you have lots of different foods and everyone will be sure so that everyone can enjoy their meal.

There are a few other things to help can make your party go without a hitch.

They are:
1. Have everyone make their food ahead of time so all they need is to be reheated.
2. Let everyone know that they should bring their food in containers fit within the table space you have.
3. When you have a potluck party where lots of people are envited, let each person know that they don't need feed everyone, a 4 or 6 meal-sized portion of their food will be enough. People usually take a small amount when filling their plate so they have a chance to try everything before they get full.
4. Your guests may think that they have to make a dish that will impress everyone, but assure them that even something simple. People love to try other family recipes and these are great for a potluck party.

Since you are the host, you need to set up a table for all of the food. You should have a table cloth as well as potholders for the hot dishes. It would be a good idea to have extra serving platters, bowls, baskets, and serving utensils because not everyone will bring their food ready to be served.

As the host it is up to you to decide what to do about beverages. You could One important thing which you do not want to forget is the beverages. You can either supply them yourself, everyone can bring their own, or you can delegate one person to bring the drinks.

As the host you can choose whether to provide a dish or if you are having a party with a lot of people, you may feel that by having the party at your house that providing the plates, glassed and eating utensiles is doing your part. Most of the time the host takes care of the main dish, and has their guests brings foods that compliment it.

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